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Clam and Mussel Harvesting on Taunton Bay Closed

October 5, 2016

For those who haven’t heard – as of yesterday, DMR has stopped all clam and mussel harvesting from Otter Point (MDI) to the Canadian border.  That of course includes Frenchman and Taunton Bays.  Reason is presence of a potentially deadly neurotoxin.
There is no estimate as when the closure will be lifted.
Story is on front page of  Ellsworth American October 6, and online at:

Gerry Monteux has Amazing Photos in the Ellsworth American


Maine’s Chickadee Checkoff program is in trouble. That’s the program conservation-minded Mainers can choose to support by marking a specially-designated box on their income tax returns. But too often, filers are choosing to skip the option. As Jennifer Mitchell reports, revenue collected from the Chickadee Checkoff – along with the loon license plate – has dwindled to a fraction of what it once was.


National Wildlife Federation Report on Climate Warming Effects on Wildlife, including in the Gulf of Maine


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