Taunton Bay is a special place.

The Taunton Bay region in coastal Hancock County includes Hog and Egypt Bays, Carrying Place Inlet to the U.S. Route 1 Bridge, and Taunton River to the protruding rock ledge at Tidal Falls, where it joins Frenchman Bay. The region is rich in history, wildlife, scenic beauty, and is the source of income for many residents of the area.

We are Friends of Taunton Bay working to understand and protect the Taunton Bay ecosystem.

Friends of Taunton Bay is committed to research, education, and advocacy in the Taunton Bay watershed.

The economic and ecological value of Taunton Bay, as well as its convenient location, make it an attractive focus for a variety of marine research initiatives.

Friends of Taunton Bay conducts and cooperates with research projects to expand our understanding of the ecosystems and water quality of the bay.

The Taunton Bay Education Center at Gordon’s Wharf is the center of FTB’s educational programming for children & adults.

Through education we hope to inspire an appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

FTB is committed to the preservation of the natural resources and beauty in the Taunton Bay watershed.

We support science-based sustainable fisheries, and speak out about threats to the health of our fragile estuarine ecosystem.