Why advocate for Taunton Bay?

Our goals are to:

  • Maintain the biological integrity, healthful functioning, and scenic beauty of Taunton Bay and the watershed.
  • Promote understanding, appreciation, and protection of the bay by the general public and by government at local, regional, county, state, and federal levels, and
  • Focus public attention in Hancock, Franklin, Sullivan, and other towns in the watershed on actions that can be taken to improve the bay and its environs or mitigate negative impacts on it.

How do we advocate?

We share information through our newsletter and social media; offer relevant educational programs; work with local and state government and agencies; and collaborate with other organizations.

American Aquafarms Frenchman Bay Project

The Executive Board of Friends of Taunton Bay unanimously agreed to take a stand against the proposed salmon farm for several reasons: the scale of the farm is not appropriate for Frenchman Bay; the technology is untested at that scale; and the farm poses a threat to the health of Taunton Bay.

For more information:

Acadia National Park Superintendent Letter to Maine Department of Marine Resources on American Aquafarms Proposal

Frenchman Bay Partners media links re American Aquafarms

Watch this video produced by Frenchman Bay Conservancy in opposition to the AA proposal, featuring Graham Platner :

Friends of Frenchman Bay

Proposed Rock Quarry Operations on South Bay Road, Franklin

In March of 2021 an application for a special exemption permit to develop a 40, 000 sq. ft. production rock quarry to mine and process crushed stone, rip-rap and landscaping stones on a lot on the south side of South Bay Road, a residential area.  The proposed operation would include drilling, blasting, excavating, and crushing. The Town of Franklin has jurisdiction on this proposal since was submitted as a 0.91 acre operation and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection does not have jurisdiction of quarries that are less than one acre in size. The town Planning Board held a hearing and asked for written comments on the proposal. Below is the proposal, which was shared by the FTB Executive Committee with members to encourage comments.

Special Exemption Permit Application to Franklin Planning Board by TC Gravel

The FTB Executive Committee submitted the following letter to the Franklin Planning Board about the proposal.

Letter to Franklin Planning Board from FTB Executive Committee

The applicant has not resubmitted their proposal in response to the many questions and concerns raised.