Mushroom Walk with David Porter: FULL

Tunk Mountain Trail Meet at the Tunk Mountain Trailhead on Route 182, one mile east of Fox Pond in T10 SD

Walk along the Tunk Mountain trail with David Porter, Professor Emeritus of Mycology and local mushroom expert, to observe diverse fall mushrooms and learn the basics of mushroom identification. Become […]

Moss and Lichen Walk at Taft Point Preserve

Taft Point Preserve Taft Point Road, Goudsboro

With Maine Master Naturalists, Nick and Alice Noyes, explore the magical miniature world of mosses and lichens and learn how these pioneer species were among the first living things on […]

Q&A Session with Mike Briggs, Taunton Bay Oyster Company

Gordon's Wharf 11 Wharf Road, Sullivan, Maine

Mike Briggs, owner of Taunton Bay Oyster Company, has offered to provide information and answer questions on a new harvesting process, along with divers, that he will be using, pending […]

Fern Walk

Jordan Homestead Preserve 46 Bayside Road in Ellsworth, Ellsworth, Maine

Find ferns in their fiddlehead or crosier stage, when they are unfurling in the Spring. We will look for several species of ferns, and you will learn about the parts […]