The mission of Friends of Taunton Bay is to understand and promote the health and integrity of the Taunton Bay ecosystem. Our aim is to promote ecosystem awareness and respect among all users of the bay.

Volunteers are always needed! We need volunteers for:

— help with the summer camp at the Taunton Bay Education Center

— hosting weekly Friday night lectures during the summer

— the annual Horseshoe Crab count

— the Open House during Sullivan Daze

— the Saturday Open Center Events

— the Newsletter

— creating new programs

For the next three years, we plan to focus on three program areas:

  1. Community relations and education meant to promote ecosystem awareness
  2. Ongoing monitoring of key indicators of ecosystem health, and additional research
  3. Organization planning and development

Being a membership organization, we invite you to participate in any of our work that suits your skills and interests:

Please contact us at info@friendsoftauntonbay.org for more information on how you can become involved.

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