Steve Perrin Awards

The Steve Perrin Award was created in the Winter of 2012 by the Executive Board in honor of Steve Perrin. This award is to be presented occasionally in “recognition of extraordinary service to the health and integrity of Taunton Bay.” This award was first presented to Steve Perrin on his 80th birthday in honor of Steve’s immense dedication to preserving and promoting a deep connection to Taunton Bay.

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Fellow Steve Perrin Award Recipients

2022 – Merry Post

At the July 2022 Annual Meeting the FTB Board presented the award to Merry for her outstanding work as our Newsletter editor for the past four years and for serving as Secretary of the organization for 6 years. She has regularly engaged all of the board in writing new regular features and patiently and flawlessly applied her 25+ years of professional experience in science and medical publishing to produce a flawless copy. Merry lives in Sullivan.

2019 – Lisa Herrington

August of 2019 the FTB board presented the award to Lisa Herrington for her notable work in environmental education at Gordon’s Wharf. This was Lisa’s seventh summer working at the FTB environmental camp and her sixth year as camp director. Every year Lisa has come up with a new theme for camp creatively blended experience in nature with hands-on science learning to keep it fun and educational. Lisa Herrington lives in Franklin.

2017 – Doug Kimmel

Doug was an executive board member for 15 years and our treasurer for 14 out of the 15. He was instrumental in establishing the Taunton Bay Education Center, maintaining our website, recorded and posted many of FTB’s programs and speakers, and played a major role in the production and distribution of the 2012 edition of the Taunton Bay Watershed and Stewardship Guide.

2016 – Frank Dorsey

Photo by Lisa Herrington

Frank has been President and remains a member at large. Throughout his membership he has made massive contributions to our community. He shows immense dedication and passion for the health of Taunton Bay. Most recently he has dedicated large amounts of time to research on the horseshoe crabs in the bay. Researching the effects of climate change, cold water spawning, and monitoring population levels of the species. Frank continues this work and every year completes a horseshoe crab count to monitor the species in the region.

2013 – Lois Johnson

Lois served on the executive board for 21 years and upon receiving this award was also awarded a Life Membership. She was an officer for more than half that time as well as President for 4 years. Lois’ firm but calm leadership, and skill and consensus building was vital in helping Friends of Taunton Bay work through challenges and take on new missions.